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Also, from Dark Shadow special importance will be given to new artists, to understand what the new musical spaces are all about. Many choose to release their songs only through digital platforms. In addition, some people prefer to promote themselves on digital radios that open the doors to non-traditional rhythms. Music is a very large territory, and that big industry is on the Internet acting very intensely, and Dark Shadow is here to tell you about it.

Buy music and its forms

Buying music is not the same annoying activity as before. With a couple of clicks and a few dollars on the account, it is possible to get hold of many songs and albums. However, buying music has new alternatives, such as streaming music platforms. For many, you only need to pay a small subscription and have an internet connection. In Dark Shadow we deal with all these topics, and our publications also discuss how people buy music on the Internet and what they are looking for.

Another of the pillars of this blog is the reviews. Although it is not very common for people to read music reviews before buying music, from Dark Shadow we emphasize its importance to make wise purchases. In addition, music reviews are a wonderful place to learn about music you had not heard before, allowing you to expand your knowledge and sensibilities. Dark Shadow is an integral space to talk about music online, in permanent communication with its audience.