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Album and song reviews: best option before buying music

It is normal to read the synopsis of a book before buying it. Also, seems common to read the description on Wikipedia about a television show before watching it. Even, read a review of a series or

Online music: buy or streaming?

Are you starting in the world of online music and don’t know what to choose in such a large world? Or, also, have you always bought music online but streaming music platforms are attracting your attention? It

Is it better to buy music online or in physical stores?

Yes. It is true that we are in 2019 and if physical books are becoming less popular, even more so are those who buy CD’s in physical stores. But are there really disadvantages that stimulate the physical

How to measure the popularity and success of online music?

The great artists, historically, have been defined by the millions of albums sold. It was common to see singers wear their silver, gold and platinum records, as a result of their huge sales in many countries. The

Buy music online: commitment to quality

The people who buy music do much more than simply acquire a song. In a world where you can access music -free or illegal- easily, buying music implies a huge commitment to quality. The person who wants

What is the relationship between online music and radio?

We all listen to music online and CDs are matter of the past. But, where is the radio? You may hear it when you are in your car or on the bus. Also, it is possible that