How to measure the popularity and success of online music?

The great artists, historically, have been defined by the millions of albums sold. It was common to see singers wear their silver, gold and platinum records, as a result of their huge sales in many countries. The arrival of the internet has changed that world reality, since it is impossible for any song that exists on the network to be sold before being listened to. So, it’s worth wondering, how important is selling in online music?

Views on YouTube, new reference?

In press articles and content on social networks, we no longer measure the popularity of songs by the number of discs sold in physical stores. There are still rankings of best albums, but neither is the measurement tool the amount of online sales or legal downloads, because this amount can not represent nearly all the times that a song or an album has been played.

Given that, the best alternative that has emerged is to use the number of views on YouTube as the great new reference to measure the short and long-term popularity of a song. This is a major change in online music.

How are the new rankings?

The same tools are no longer used to define the best albums. The Internet has caused new qualitative factors to influence the measurement of the popularity of songs, albums and artists. The media even disseminate new artists to listen, focused on a country or region.

Although there are still large institutions such as the Billboard ranking, there is no longer a single way to measure online music, so everyone has their number 1. This promotes competition between artists, who no longer fight to be the ones who have more sales, but because they are the most popular and have a larger audience. Internet changed the reality of music rankings forever.