Is it better to buy music online or in physical stores?

Yes. It is true that we are in 2019 and if physical books are becoming less popular, even more so are those who buy CD’s in physical stores. But are there really disadvantages that stimulate the physical purchase of CD’s? What characteristics represent the buyers of CD’s and those who buy music online? In summary, what is better? Discover all that information in this article.

Each user has different needs to satisfy when buying music. To begin with, we must be aware that the person who buys music is because they have a commitment to art. Probably, they prefer to pay for the work done and not try to consume it for free. But what else should you consider to know if it is better to buy online or physically?

Fidelity with the artist

Many people look forward to the new albums of some singer. When an album comes out, the first thing they do isn’t buy it in a store, but listen to it through YouTube or download it from an online platform. But that same fidelity with an artist is what leads many to, for sentimental reasons, buy a CD of that album. This doesn’t detract from the other ways of listening to the song, but it is a complement.


Go to a store, pay with cash, save the CD, walk back home and play it on the PC. This process doesn’t seem the most practical to buy music, so online shopping has become the most widespread. But we must also bear in mind that the user who buys music online does so because he decided so, and because it saves all the difficulties that buying a record can represent. Nobody can doubt that buying online is more practical, but everything is a matter of customs.

Quality-quantity relationship

Thanks to the internet, it is possible to buy more and better songs in less time. The good news is that songs purchased online if downloaded from a recognized website, are usually of the highest quality. On the other hand, with a CD there’s only a limited number of songs, and besides, it can’t be played anywhere. So, do you still have doubts about if buying songs online is the most practical option?