Online music: buy or streaming?

Are you starting in the world of online music and don’t know what to choose in such a large world? Or, also, have you always bought music online but streaming music platforms are attracting your attention? It is normal to ask which option is best for you. The Internet is a world that changes radically day after day, and new alternatives emerge that can adapt more or less to your economic, emotional and productive state. So, how to consume music online?

Until a few years ago, the diatribe was between downloading music illegally, which implies a tedious and irresponsible process, or simply buying it through official media, as it was for a long time iTunes, from where th iPods’ music were downloaded. It’s true that alternative media are conquering the world, and through them, the conception that musical information is obtained only in one way has changed. However, after the advent of platforms such as Apple Music or Spotify, it is possible to listen to all your favorite music without downloading anything. And what is the best for me?

Internet connection

Streaming music requires, in the vast majority of cases, an internet connection. On your cell phone or computer, it is important that if you want to listen to music through one of these platforms you must always be connected. That represents a problem for places with slow connections, or even, it can be serious if you ran out of MB in your mobile phone data plan.

In contrast, downloaded music, although it takes up a lot of space on your cell phone or computer, allows easy access at any time, regardless of whether or not there is an Internet connection.

Costs and subscription

Payment is the other big problem of buying music. To some, at present, it may seem expensive to buy a complete album or individual songs, because they can exceed tens of dollars and that could unbalance the budget. However, with streaming platforms you pay a flat rate from which you can access any amount of online content.

Wide musical tastes

Another aspect that can define the choice between streaming platforms and buying music online is the number of artists who want to consume their songs. If you only want to have access to songs and albums by a few artists, probably buying songs is your best option. But, on the other hand, if your tastes are very broad, maybe the best thing is that you go to a platform where you can get music of all kinds at a better price.