What is the relationship between online music and radio?

We all listen to music online and CDs are matter of the past. But, where is the radio? You may hear it when you are in your car or on the bus. Also, it is possible that you hear it in the cafe where you have breakfast every morning. It is true that the radio, like television and the written press, do not occupy a predominant place among the media, but it is still a very important medium for music.

The radio has managed to adapt to the digital medium. First, many online radio stations emerged, producing content that was not well received on traditional radio stations. In addition, the fact that these radio stations exist has changed the conception of the world of music, since now there are more artists that have diffusion on the internet, and radios collect many of them. What other features link to today’s radio and online music?

Know new rhythms and languages​​

Internet is a space to discover new music, and radios are a showcase for that. There are many digital radios that do not have programming or information spaces, but are a great musical thread of music of some specific genre. This is why digital radio stations allow you to feed new musical tastes, as well as get to know music from other latitudes.

This feature is ideal for those who are learning a new language. To practice understanding and to know songs in other languages, digital radios are a very attractive platform. This becomes even more powerful in languages ​​that are mainly handled on the Internet, such as Esperanto and other planned languages. If you want to listen a song in Esperanto, why not to listen a radio in Esperanto?

New alternative pieces of music

Commercial music has its place in commercial radio. But not all artists, by their own characteristics and budget, get a space in traditional media, so they must build their career through social networks and the internet in general. Digital radio stations are very involved here.

It is the digital radio stations that give space to new artists, which increases their knowledge among the public and is essential to start a career. In addition, traditional radio stations increasingly have more spaces focused on the Internet audience, such as podcasts, so new or alternative music opens up avenues in everything related to the world of the internet.

It is the moment that you give them a space to listen digital radio and include the new artists in your online music library.